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Producing “Collective Works of Arts” for the Community

ADR Productions sole priority is to create, produce, enhance, educate and rehab individuals of the performing arts bringing artistic endeavours to fruition. ADR promotes artistic development of the performing arts through demonstrated stage plays and workshops.  We aim to facilitate an on-going series of free or affordable workshops, led by experts and/or college majors in their perspective fields, for members of the professional theatrical community.  Finally, it is our long-term goal to establish a program of residencies with local schools.  ADR Productions believes that nurturing the artistic development at an early age is essential to perpetuating and advancing the art of theatre for generations to come. ADR Productions was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2009, by Columbus native, author, playwright, producer and director, Carol T. Williams, with its first self-produced production “The Monkey On My Back,” presented in May 2010.




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