The Office - Corporate Procedures

A must see! The play "The Office" Corporate Procedures is right on point for today's adversities. It speaks to all races especially the African-American race. It touches on how we see ourselves and it causes others to see us through "our" eyes...the African-American eyes! As you sit in your seat you can't help but see parts of yourself, and/or others (that) you know have experienced (or are experiencing) these same situations. If the opportunity is there and this play comes back as a rerun or encore don't miss it! Treat yourself to a night out and take some friends, take a spouse, take a group of pre-teens and teens, go as a group with your church family...just go and fill the place up! The singing was great...the actors were great and after the show, make sure you meet and greet the whole production staff. I say "well done you've hit all the necessary points." I am a better person having experienced "The Office - Corporate Procedures. Thank you. 
Charnetta Clark

I really enjoyed "The Office - Corporate Procedures." It was wonderful! And, very true to life. Hopefully the play will come back and all those who missed it , will come out to see how ridiculous we as a race, really are. 
-- Theola J. Williams (Mom)


Monkey on My Back - Part III 

I really enjoyed The Monkey On My Back, Part III. It was dramatically, yet very funny. Everybody played their part well. I really enjoyed each and every singer. They all sound so beautiful, though you know my favorite was "Misty Blue," because that took me back to my day. And, the musicians were just fabulous! I enjoyed all the music they played during scene changes... they really kept the audience entertained. The whole show was just great! Good job!
--Theola J. Williams (Mom)

Carol, I really enjoyed watching the play "The Monkey On My Back, Part III". The story line was funny and the ambigious ending left me thinking for days.
--Reggie Hillery

Lady, I really enjoyed the play. It was really good.
--Uncle Junior(Eddie Collier)

I left Chapter One realizing there is a mystery surrounding the charter Damien, but exactly what is it? His behavior generates a great deal of suspense; that is , is Damien bipolar or does he have multi-personalities or does he have some other condition that I am not understanding???? I don't, but it was very clear that he had secrets and he is trying to hide something about who he truly is. So, here we are at the Final Chapter, sitting at the edge of our seats..... ready to find out Damien secrets, But the plot has thickened!!! Sandra is now pregnant by her husband Damien, but if we do not know who Damien is, does Sandra know and by extension does she know who is the father of her unborn child???

Then there is the hilarious and inquisitive GrandMo who was suddenly evicted from her place of residence and decided to move into Sandra's home without Sandra's permission, under the guise of being caring and considerate because Sandra was pregnant and alone as she and Damien had taken a break to resolve their issues. But, GrandMo had her own agenda, GrandMo realized that there is something wrong about Damien and she wanted Sandra to confront the issue as Sandra was too unconditionally in love with Damien to objectively see and confront the issue for what it really is, even though Sandra's close girlfriends unsuccessfully try to get her to see that something is wrong. Well, GrandMo is going to have this done in her own dramatic and over-the-top hilarious "style".

The singers were just SO talented, it was such a GREAT pleasure to listen to them! I think the audience had a great and fun time as we sing along with them. I cannot forget to mention the drummer and the keyboard player, they were wonderful.

One of the features I really admired about this production is the versatility of the cast. That is, the cast members played multiple roles and did so with such professionalism; my favorite was the "bartender". I am still trying to confirm how many roles she played, four or five? And the beauty about it, her roles were both male and female and she transitioned so well you could not easily tell it was the same person!

It appears Mr. Hawkins, Damien's mother know Damien's secret but GrandMo was not able to get Mrs. Hawkins to expose her son's secret but to the surprise of all of us, GrandMo made it very clear that there was another man in the the plot who could possibly be the father of Sandra's unborn child AND it does not appear that Sandra had this knowledge!!!

Damien was becoming increasingly miserable and taunted with the burden of the secrets of his past, later confessed to the Church's pastor about a man whom he had assaulted because he came home unexpectedly and caught his wife (from prior marriage) in the throws of love in the matrimonial bed. Now, who is the other man ??? Is Damien's twin? If so, is the other man his twin? Did Damien kill the man and assumed his personality? Too late, Sandra's shrill scream of fright, agony and distraught just alerted Damien that Sandra heard his confession as he runs after her to console her ...........

So really who is Sandra's husband? Who is the father of her unborn child? Will we ever know? Is this truly the FINAL CHAPTER ??? I don't know about you but I am definitely staying tuned ........ the suspense is just too GREAT!!!

Carol, CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done; keep it up and you will be going places!!!
--Jeanette McKenzie


Monkey on My Back - Part II

The Monkey on My Back, Part II was a wonderful production! Thanks for the opportunity to serve the cast.
--Lisa Nelson, Columbus, Ohio
Just for the Occasion, LLC Catering & Event Planning

Really enjoyed your play! I was impressed!
--Robert Smith, Akron, Ohio

Good job!
--Joyce Holmes, Columbus,Ohio

I really enjoyed the play; you done a fine job. It was really good!
--Ted Howell, Columbus,Ohio

Your stage play was really great! I enjoyed all the characters. The grandmother character was hilarious!
--Curtis Jones, Columbus, Ohio

I enjoyed your play. The singing was really good! The preacher was really good!
--Harold Williams, Columbus, Ohio

Hi, Carol, "The Monkey On My Back, Part II" was fantastic! What a talented cast! The music and singing was superb and the story line was one that we can all relate to. It's not often that you have an opportunity to meet the casts of a production. I was shocked to exit the theater only to find the cast members waiting in the hallway after the production. It was a pleasure meeting each one as I walked through the line. I found each to be warm and friendly and I was happy to have given my congratulations and and well wishes to each. Well Done Carol! I can't wait for "The Monkey On My Back, Part III - The Final Chapter!"
--J. Wood, Gahanna, Ohio

Another job well done! Loved it!
--(Mom)Theola Williams, Columbus, Ohio