In Remembrance of

Greg Thomas

Promoter and Crew Manager


 Sunrise May 12, 1952

Sunset June 23, 2018

My heart is terribly broken; learning of the passing of our dedicated promoter, crew manager, and friend.

Greg, you were great! You gave me that start on that one Summer day (Friday, June 2009), when you pleasantly approached me in Zanzibar after noticing I was the person on a hot card, advertising my book, “The Monkey Cage.” After reading the summary, you gently walked up to me and said, “Hi, my name is Greg.  You’re the lady on this card.”  You then went on to say, “this would make a great play!  So many people can relate to this.”

You talked about how you promote concerts and people, and you went on to invite me to a show you were promoting that weekend, and you gave me a table to promote my books. 

When intermission came, you gracefully took the stage and introduced all your vendors and ask the people to make sure they visit each vendor.  When it came to me, your exact words were: “Make sure you visit Ms. Carol T. Williams.  She is here in Columbus, Ohio promoting her new book, “The Monkey Cage!  And she will be bringing her new stage play to Columbus, Ohio soon!”  My mouth dropped.  Needless to say, people made a bee line to my table giving me their information and talking about their talents. 

When the show was over that evening, I ask you, (remember, I just met you the day before) what are you doing, making such an announcement?  You then said, as you moved quickly around taking down the venue, “Oh don’t worry, we will start having production meetings and get it together.”  I had no idea how to put on a stage play…had no inkling where to start.  But Greg, you were persistent about meeting every Tuesday at the Zanzibar, in your favorite corner, by the door. 

Many weeks I came in and threw in the towel.  You paid me no attention and continued to introduce me to people as they walked through the door that was beneficial to stage activities.  That first stage play was produced at The Kings Arts Pythian Theater, May 2010.

Some eight years later, you have been one of the greatest promoters, and stage crew managers there is.

You managed the crew of all my stage productions...  you made sure everything was right and tight, and you made sure the next play would be written.

I'm so sorry I heard too late, and was not able to give you the flowers that you deserve.

You will always be remembered... never forgotten, for the works you have done.

ADR Productions

Carol T. Williams